Hope Kids is a caring environment that includes our nursery, preschool and elementary ministries. We are passionate about partnering with families to inspire children to know, love and follow Jesus.



We provide in both services a Family Room for infants, toddlers, and their care givers located on the main level of the church. There is a live feed TV showing the service and a bathroom equipped with a changing table. This room is not staffed with a volunteer.


Hope Garden is our nursery for crawlers and walkers located on the lower level of the church. This room has children's ministry volunteers providing child care during the first and second services.


Hope Farm is for preschool children ages 3-5 and children in primary. Their class is located on the lower level of the church and is made available for both sunday morning services. We want to help your children understand these three truths: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.


Hope Meadow is for children in grades 1-5 which is located on the lower level of the church in the main room. We provide upbeat music, fun activities, creative games and an engaging bible study!


New Hope Kids has midweek clubs for boys and girls that run from (September - May) at New Hope and meet on alternating Friday nights.


Gems stands for "Girls Everywhere Meeting The Saviour!" and is offered for girls in grades 2-8. It is a relationship based club program that seeks to equip woman and girls to live according to Micah 6:8 "Acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God."


The Christian Cadets Corps. is for boys in grades 1-8. Cadets is a relationship based mentoring club program designed to provide ways for men to share the joy and wisdom of Christ, like living with boys. During the year, boys will engage in new activities, sports and camping while learning how to live for Jesus.


At New Hope, Kids matter to us, so we are dedicated to making sure all of our programs and activities are a safe place for children, their families, and our volunteers. We do this through our child protection policy entitled, Plan to Protect.


The Church Office #678-2222 or use the email box below.
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