Wesleyan Beliefs

Wesleyans believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Saviour of all who put their faith in Him alone for eternal life.


  • Biblical Authority: The Bible is God’s holy Word. It uniquely and infallibly reveals God’s plan for His people and how to live out that plan, individually and corporately. Our beliefs, practices, priorities, and mission are anchored in clear biblical teachings.
  • Christlikeness: Jesus Christ is the defining feature of God’s will and relationship with all humankind. In Christ is found both newness of life and the highest and clearest example for godliness. People made new in Christ find Him to be the source of faith, hope, and love in both the inner life and in our outward actions engaging a world desperate for hope and life.
  • Disciple-Making: Making disciples is a clear mandate from Christ. This requires a strong missional focus on evangelism and training in spiritual growth and holy living. Done effectively, this will produce and promote growth and health in God’s universal church.
  • Servant Leadership: Wesleyans respect leadership that is placed over them, while realizing that the authority and effectiveness of spiritual leadership is not primarily bestowed, but earned, and is characterized by a loving and willing heart of obedience that serves God and mankind gladly. Wesleyans desire to be leaders in serving.
  • Unity in Diversity: There is intrinsic value in every person. Biblical unity becomes all the more important and beautiful in the light of the wide-ranging differences in personalities, cultures, races, languages, talents, and perspectives. Finding unity and mutual love in Christ eliminates devaluation and deprivation of life to one another.
  • Baptism: We believe that water baptism is a sacrament of the church, commanded by Jesus and administered to believers. It is a symbol of what happens when we accept Jesus, dieing to self (under water) and being raised to new life in Christ (above water), and it’s a public declaration of our inward decision (faith) to accept Jesus in our heart.
  • Communion: We believe that communion is a sacrament of our redemption by Jesus’ death on the cross 2000 years ago, and of our hope in His victorious return. Those who receive it humbly, with a proper spirit and by faith, communion is made a means through which God communicates grace to our heart.