Scott Prime
Lead Pastor

Scott was born in Digby, Nova Scotia where he grew-up on his family farm. Sensing God’s calling, Scott studied at Kingswood University where he met his beautiful wife Shari and subsequently two wonderful boys. Scott has been Lead Pastor at New Hope for over 16 years and has a growing passion and vision for New Hope and the Annapolis Valley. Scott also loves hugs… NOT!

e: pastorscott@nhwchurch.ca
t: twitter.com/scottnprime

Jedie Elliott
Assistant Pastor

Jedie was born in Ottawa, Ontario where he grew up for many years. Over the years he has lived in the United States, and the Canadian Maritimes. Sensing God’s call upon his life, he studied at Kingswood University where he received a B.A. in Religion and a M.A. in Pastoral Theology. He loves the church and desires to equip God’s church to advance the Kingdom of God. He views it as a great joy, honour & privilege to be part of the wonderful congregation and pastoral team at New Hope. He also loves hockey, Go Sens Go!

e: pastorjedie@nhwchurch.ca
t: twitter.com/jedie91

Joey Millington
Youth Pastor

Joey was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he grew up with salt water in his blood and SPF 50 perpetually applied. Sensing God’s call on his life while working at Caton’s Island summer camp, he studied at Kingswood University where he met his wife Lauren. His passion for student ministries was cultivated while serving on the Kingswood University Summer Ministry team “Encounter” for three summers. He loves to read, play hockey, and consume seafood.

e: pastorjoey@nhwchurch.ca
t: twitter.com/millingtonejoey

Lauren Millington
Children's Pastor

Lauren was born in Basingstoke, England but grew up in and calls home the beautiful country of New Zealand. Her call to ministry brought her to the Maritimes where she studied at Kingswood University, graduating with a B.A. in Ministry. Since graduation she has married a very handsome Nova Scotian man, Joey. Lauren is excited to be serving at New Hope Wesleyan Church, and is looking forward to working alongside families. Lauren adores the ocean, baked goods and any opportunity to travel.

e: pastorlauren@nhwchurch.ca
t: twitter.com/laurenannmaree

Isaac (Tree) Russell
Connections Pastor

Isaac was born in Listowel, Ontario. At 6’6″ he’s a member of the tall club and was given the nickname, “Tree.” He sensed a call to full time ministry on his life that brought him to the maritimes for his studies. There he completed two degrees, one from Kingswood University and the other at Acadia Divinity College. He is married to the lovely Melanie. He has a passion to reach people and meet them where they are at in life. Tree enjoys fun times on motorcycles and doing wheelies through the woods on his bicycles.

e: pastorisaac@nhwchurch.ca