Wednesday, August 5, 2020…

I looked at my watch, I had 30 minutes to make it to my appointment, or I’d be late! I couldn’t find the key to my motorcycle. I had looked all over the house. Searched every room. Flipped the mattresses. Went outside and walked around the bike. In frustration I said, “MAN, WHERE IS IT!!” 

I sat down and began to contemplate whether I should cancel my appointment. Then BOOM I found it, it was in my riding jacket pocket! The lost had been found! Let’s just say they call certain motorcycle’s crotch rockets for a reason—I made it to my appointment just in time!

Perhaps you can relate to a time you lost something of importance… A key, certain documents, wallet, phone (Hopefully not a person!) Then, when you felt it was gone, it showed up! That concept is what we’re studying this Sunday. The story of THE LOST SHEEP & COIN found in Luke 15:1-10. We’ll unpack how Jesus leaves the 99 to find the 1 that is lost.

Maybe you feel lost and need to be found. Maybe you recall vividly how Jesus found you and the joy living for him! Remember this powerful thought, no one is too far gone for Jesus to find-love-forgive-restore-heal—and so much more!!! Regardless where you’re at in life, come on out to hear a good word! See you soon!


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