Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I’m cautious not to oversimplify SOLITUDE, but it only has two perspectives – those who want isolation and those who do not.  I’ve seen individuals cry for solitude but never find it, and others who find it when they don’t want it.  Take, for example, our current struggle with Covid-19; some are loving isolation and others hate it.  

What if some evil supernatural power was forcing you to live naked and among the dead in SOLITUDE? How would that feel? And no, I’m not talking about the Coronavirus.  I believe, living that kind of SOLITUDE would have little appeal.

In our current series – OUTCASTS – we’ve examined individuals who didn’t want to be OUTCASTS.  In Luke 8, Jesus comes in contact with a man who was living in SOLITUDE as a result of being possessed with evil demons.  In the exchange, Jesus destroys the OUTCASTS chains with supernatural power!

I believe Jesus wants to break our chains, setting us free of sin & fear with a supernatural power displayed in Luke 8:26-39.

Why did Jesus have to die?  Great question, to give all people the power to live supernatural lives.

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– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)