Wednesday August 15, 2018

What do you value?

We often value people, places and possessions (I call them the three P’s).  I’ve also learned that we have varying degrees when it comes to value, with invaluable rating near the top.

Upon my Grade 12 Graduation, I received a few gifts commemorating the milestone.  Quickly one gift became invaluable, my great-grandfathers working pocket watch.  It was gifted to me with a few conditions – don’t sell it and be sure to pass it along to one of my children at an appropriate time in the future.  I proudly gifted the watch to Seth, my son, on his High School Graduation in 2013.

It is a gift that is invaluable to my family and me.  I could not imagine selling it or destroying it.  I would have a serious conflict/struggle if someone in authority suggested I surrender the item!

In life, the invaluable is often deeply loved!

Imagine if God expressed that your invaluable must be sacrificed?  What if the invaluable was not a pocket watch but a promised child?  What would you do?

I hope you’ll join me on Sunday @ 9:30am or 11am as we continue our Summer Series – The Story Begins and whether Genesis 22 is a psychotic story or something more?

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)