God doesn’t force anyone to give, and neither do we.  Rather, God loves a cheerful giver… a person who gives out of a heart of gratitude to God. We believe God’s people love and care about the mission of Christ’s church, and want to make a difference for good and for God in this world. If you are new or visiting New Hope, please do not feel any pressure to give but if you consider us your home church, we invite you to give.

Your faithful financial support enables our local church to support both global and local evangelism, caring and discipleship ministries, and your donations are essential to paying our local bills (ie: heat, lights, insurance, mortgage) and the salaries of our pastoral staff.  In addition, a portion of your donations are used to support local individuals and families in times of crisis and need.  We are entirely reliant on the generosity of God’s people who consider New Hope to be their home church.


Donations of $20 or more, made to New Hope Wesleyan Church, are tax deductible.  In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, each February we send out tax receipts for your total donations made during the previous calendar year.


Sunday Services (Kentville @ 9:30 & 11am & Kingston @ 10:30am)


E-Transfer: give@nhwchurch.ca