Wednesday October 18, 2017

A staple word in North America culture is TRENDING.

We are constantly greeted with words like: Trending Now, What’s Trending, Trending News, Trending Photos, etc.  In the trending world there are fashion trends, social trends, money trends, music trends and trends of trends.  Today in Trending Photos there was a picture of a three-headed rattlesnake in India (really weird) and in Trending News a 79-year-old woman suffering from dementia meandered away from a seniors complex into an Australian swamp where she was greeted by an unfriendly crocodile (so sad).

It’s extremely difficult to stay informed on what is TRENDING in our world.  Perhaps a more simplistic and personal question would be… What’s trending in your life?  What’s grabbing the headlines in your life?  Chances are whatever’s TRENDING in your life is probably all consuming.

This Sunday we’re starting a new sermon series called #trending.  Where are you trending in real life?

We hope you can join us on Sunday, service times are 9:30am or 11am!

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)