Wednesday September 19, 2018

A restart button works well for computers, electronics, online gaming and programming.  Press the button and you reset the device or equipment to begin again, hopefully without the issues you previously encountered before pressing the button.  As a teenager, hitting that button was my favourite thing to do if I was losing at a video game.

Have you ever made a poor choice and wish you could hit a button and start over?

Wouldn’t life be easier if a restart button for life existed?  I think it would.  There are many things we can start over in life but there are some things we cannot.

I’m reminded of Eareckson’s story.

In 1967, seventeen-year-old Joni Eareckson’s fun afternoon at the Chesapeake Bay left her a quadriplegic.  In her autobiography, Joni (Zondervan, 1976), describes her struggles with frustration and depression. She had to depend on other people to an overwhelming degree—people who weren’t always patient and kind toward her. She longed to be well again. She hated her life of profound disability.  Joni was never able to press the restart button on her health but she did witness some incredible miracles in other areas of her life!

On Sunday @ 9:30am or 11am we’ll begin a new series called RESTART.   I think you’ll be surprised at the things in life you can restart and other things you cannot.

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)