Wednesday July 11, 2018

During recognition day for college graduates, a pastor stood up and said, ‘You don’t think it now, but eventually you’re going to die.  When they lay you in the grave, are people going to stand around reciting the titles you earned or talking about what a blessing you were?  Will you leave an obituary about how “important” you were, or about people grieving the loss of the best friend they ever had?  Titles are good, but if it comes down to a choice between a title and a testimony – go for the testimony!  Pharaoh had the title; Moses had the testimony.  Nebuchadnezzar had the title; Daniel had the testimony.  Jezebel had the title; Elijah had the testimony.  Pilate had the title, but Jesus had the testimony.

It’s not titles that are remembered but the things done for Jesus and others.

We’re very excited to welcome Teen Challenge this week.  Hope to see you on Sunday @ 9:30am or 11am!

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)