Wednesday, January 16, 2019

He was brilliant; even as a child he was a gifted poet.  At four he learned Latin; eventually, he went on to read Greek, Hebrew and French.  Later, because he refused allegiance to the Church of England, he was denied entrance to Oxford and Cambridge, so he attended an independent Christian academy.  His nose was crooked and overwhelmed his face.  His head was too big for his small body, and his eyes were tiny and piercing.  He never married, although a girl who read his poetry expressed romantic interest.  But later she backed down when she saw him.

And you thought you had problems?  Have you ever felt trapped in a dark season of life, a place where you struggle with life, hope and faith?

Isaac Newton became a man of compassion and sensitivity, which he expressed in the hundreds of hymns he wrote, here are two of his more popular ones – O God, Our Help in Ages Past & Joy to the World.  What was the difference maker in the life of Newton?  According to Newton, it was a LIVING HOPE!  Such an inspiring story!

Have you ever noticed how STORIES of HOPE illuminate those dark moments in life?  They inspire and instill belief that it can happen in our life too!

This week we’re starting a new series called – STORIES of HOPE. Please join us in one of our two locations – Kentville @ 9:30am or 11am OR Kingston @ 10:30am for inspiring messages of HOPE!

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)