Wednesday, November 21, 2018

He was a middle-aged man with ‘lots of living left’ but one day his world was rocked by one word – cancer.  He prayed, his wife prayed, the church prayed and many in the community prayed.  They prayed that God would do the miraculous, a miracle of healing.  The miracle never happened and after a few short months, another life was robbed by cancer.

In my opinion, the most contentious miracle is healing.  There are so many questions that swirl around Divine physical healings. For example, few people question ‘if’ God can but there are many who wonder ‘why’ God doesn’t heal.  It’s a valid question, one that I’ve entertained occasionally, why doesn’t God heal consistently and systematically?

When it comes to healing God is anything but predictable, but then again would it be a miracle if it was predictable?  Some very holy, God-fearing people have asked for a touch from the hand of Jesus but never lived long enough to see the affliction or pain lifted.

This week we’re looking at the miracle of healing through the eyes of Jesus, it’s actually quite a bit different than how we see it.

Have a great week and I hope you’ll join me on Sunday @ 9:30am or 11am in Kentville or 10:30am in Kingston as we conclude our series – “When Pigs Fly”

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)