Wednesday May 23, 2018

I know of three giants from my childhood who were famous and good.  One was from the daily TV show – The Friendly Giant, like so many children I anticipated looking ‘way up.’  The second was a well-known wrestler and actor, Andre The Giant, I viewed Andre as a gentle giant.  The third was the fictitious Green Giant from the frozen vegetable section in the grocery store.  Do you remember Green Giant’s famous line from his TV commercials?

Giants are mostly large forces set on terrorizing their victims, seldom are they friendly, gentle or green.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at five giants that threaten many spiritual lives: GREED, FEAR, ANXIETY, BITTERNESS & COMPARISON.

This Sunday we’re looking at GREED and how it punishes our life.  It actually reminds me of an old proven method to catching raccoons where you place a piece of tin foil inside a small wire box and stake it to the ground. When the raccoon comes by, he’ll reach his paw in the box and try to retrieve the foil. But, once he’s clutched the tin foil, his paw becomes a fist and for obvious reasons the animal is trapped. Many raccoons would give up their freedom and perhaps life for the greed of a shiny but useless piece of tin foil.

There is a lesson… learn to let go!

I hope you’ll join me on Sunday @ 9:30am or 11am as we attempt to slay and conquer GREED!

– Pastor Scott (Lead Pastor)